Bright Tribe

Our Founding Sponsors

The Trust’s founding sponsors:

Helping Hands Trust

Established since 2008, Helping Hands Trust supports individuals, particularly young people, and causes in the UK and abroad. It assists those suffering or in need because of financial hardship, sickness, disability, or distress, to advance their education and personal achievements. Through its sponsorship of Bright Tribe, Helping Hands is seeking to increase and widen its impact on advancing education and life opportunities for young people.


My World Trust

My World Trust is a charitable trust working with both third sector and commercial partners, with an aim of identifying every child’s unique skills and abilities and to lead the development of individual education programmes and pathways for every child in the UK. The foundation of Bright Tribe enables My World Trust to support what it believes will become the exemplar for personalised learning in UK education.



Michael Dwan

Representative for sponsors Helping Hands Trust and My World Trust*

Michael is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Michael’s personal interest in education is focused on supporting change to help young people of all abilities achieve their individual learning potential and aspirations.

As the eldest of seven children from a working class family in Manchester, Michael feels passionately that his own education journey gave him an extraordinary opportunity and he wishes to help others benefit from the same life changing experience.

Michael is committed to bringing together the right complementary mix of skills and expertise to ensure academies within the Bright Tribe network benefit from the very best educational improvement but also the ‘professionalism’ and innovation of members of the Trust with a background in industry.

Michael has recently been awarded a Doctorate in Education by the University of Bolton.

*Michael is not an employee of Bright Tribe Trust.