Bright Tribe

Trust Board Minutes

2013 – 2015

17th March 2016 

30th June 2016

6th October 2016

19th December 2016

27th March 2017

26th June 2017

-Accompanying documents for June 2017:

Appendix 1 Debrief of Trust Academy Ofsted Inspection

Appendix 3 PREVENT Risk Assessment for Werneth Primary School

BTT & ALAT Trust Board Agenda

BTT and ALAT Budgets for FC and Board_Budget

Ref 1C Actions Log BTT ALAT Board

Ref 2 Audit Scrutiny Committee Minutes

Ref 3 COO Board Report

Ref 4 Trust CPD Strategy Board

Ref 5 Embedding the Thrive Approach

Ref 6 ARC Executive Summary

Ref 7 Safeguarding Report

Ref 8 Annex 1 – Red Line Demise

Ref 8 Annex 2 – Alde Valley School – signed consent letter

Ref 8 GoogleEarth_Image

Ref 8 Suffolk New College Report to Trust Board

Ref 9 Annex 1 – Red line boundary

Ref 9 Annex 2 – Nursery proposals for planning

Ref 9 Private Nursery at Colchester Academy


30th October 2017

-Accompanying documents for October 2017:

BTT & ALAT Trust Board Agenda

Ref 1c Actions Log BTT ALAT Trust Board

Ref 2a Audit Scrutiny Committee Minutes

Ref 2b Internal audit report Summer

Ref 3 Appendix 1 BTT & ALAT Primary Data Attaiment

Ref 3 Appendix 2 BTT & ALAT Secondary Data Attainment Report

Ref 3 Appendix 3 BTT & ALAT SEF

Ref 3 Appendix 5 Trust 12 month Development Plan

Ref 3 Appendix 7 Altarnun Primary School Ofsted Report

Ref 3 Appendix 9 Fowey River Academy Ofsted Report

Ref 3 Appendix 10 Gulval Primary School Ofsted Report

Ref 3 Chief Operating Officer Report

Ref 4 ARC Summary

Ref 5b Reserves Policy

Ref 6b ALAT and Bright Tribe Data Protection Policy

Ref 6c ALAT and Bright Tribe Charging Remission Policy

Ref 6d ALAT and Bright Tribe Complaints Procedure

Ref 7a Safeguarding 2016-2017

Ref 7b Attendance Report

Ref 8 Health & Safety Update

Ref 9a Suffolk New College and AVA 6th Form Report to Trust Board

Ref 9b Appendix 1 Consultation on the Closure of AVA Sixth Form

Ref 9c Appendix 2 Suffolk New College PAN Case

Ref 10 Trustee Visits Record


18th December 2017


29th March 2018


21st September 2018




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