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What an improvement! Cliff Lane Primary School, Ipswich

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The entire Cliff Lane community is proud of its pupils’ fantastic improvement in performance in the 2016/2017 SATs. With the recruitment of a permanent Principal Nadia Bosse and a Regional Executive Principal Cassandra Williams, who both provided strong-targeted support, the results have improved significantly. The environment of the school has been transformed and a child centred approach to learning has been established.

In Key Stage 2 the combined average for reading, writing and maths increased by 22% from the previous year.  Grammar punctuation and spelling improved by 21%, maths increased by 14%, writing by 8% and reading by 13%. The overall attainment results will continue to improve each year to the level which the leaders know are achievable for through consistent good quality support, focussed monitoring and raising aspirations.

In Key Stage 1, 79% of children reached the expected levels for reading and exceeded the national average and 67% of children reached the expected levels for maths and exceeded the national average for the first time!

Nadia Bosse attributed the improvement to a whole school drive on quality first teaching where staff maintained high levels of standards to ensure outstanding progress in the children’s learning. “The school identified gaps early on through robust tracking of children, and effective support was put in place so that no child was left behind.”

The principal Nadia Bosse, who has been in post since September 2016, said she had been ‘deeply moved’ by the support she has received from the staff at both Cliff Lane and Bright Tribe and from the parents. “It is wonderful to have this ongoing support,” she said. “Together we can move Cliff Lane on, so it becomes a school that we can all be really proud of.”

Mary McKeeman, Chief Operating Officer, Bright Tribe Trust, was particularly impressed with the change of the learning environment and calm determined attitude of the children.

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